70% Potassium Humate

70% Potassium Humate Specification
1, Total humic acid(dry basis) ≥70%
2, Solubility ≥95%
3, K2O 8%-10%
4, Water ≤15%
5, pH 8.0-10.0
6, Size 40-60 mesh
7, Appearance Black Flake / Crystal
8, Package 25 kg/bag

potassium humate flake

1, Potassium Humate is the potassium salt of Humic Acid, made from high grade Leonardite.
2, Potassium Humate is not only a more readily available potassium fertilizer, but also provides the following benefits of Humic Acid both, to the soil and to the plants: soil conditioning, improved nutrient uptake etc.
3, In addition, due to its excellent water solubility, Potassium Humate has wider applications, such as the soaking of seeds for improved germination and fertigation through root soaking.

1, Potassium Humate is a good fertilizer enhancer, sharply increasing the utilization of its own Potassium and of the Potassium already in the soil, as well as of Nitrogen, Phosphorous and other essential nutrients in the soil.
2, Potassium Humate also capacities and improving aeration. These benefits will be helpful for plants to resist drought stress.
3, The capacity of Potassium Humate as a chelating and buffering agent helps retain water soluble, inorganic fertilizers, preventing them from leaching, and protecting plants from drastic changes in pH.
4, Potassium Humate also acts as a food source for microorganisms, establishing a desirable environment for beneficial microorganism to develop.
5, Potassium Humate stimulates seed germination and viability, root respiration, root formation and overall plant growth; increasing crops yields and quality.


1, Soil application: Evenly spread 120-180 kg/ha followed by tillage; or blend 2% Potassium Humate with the normal NPK base program or your other fertilizers.
Foliar spray: Dissolve 300-500g Potassium Humate in 100 liters water or other functional solutions. Apply 3-4 times, at intervals of 20 days during the growing season.
2, Seeds soaking: Use about 2 Kg of Potassium Humate for 1 ton of seeds. Make a soaking solution of 0.01-0.03%. The soaking time varies from 12 hours to 24 hours, depending on the thickness of seed skin, the hygroscopic character of the seeds and the surrounding temperature. The most suitable temperature for seeds soaking is about 20℃

1, Add the pre-dissolved Potassium Humate to irrigation water at a ratio of 8kg/ha, or at the concentration of 0.01-0.05%.
2, After providing detailed information on soil type and chemistry, crop type, fertilization and irrigation methods, climate etc. ask SEEK for more detailed recommendations.

Woven PP bag (25kg) with thin PE liner, or OEM.

potassium humate packing