95% BIO made Fulvic Acid

95% Fulvic Acid Specification

1, Fulvic acid 95%
2, Solubility ≥99%
3, Amino acid 10%
4, pH 5.0-6.0
5, Insoluble matters ≤0.5%
6, Water 3-5%
7, Size 150 mesh
8, Package25 kg/bag

fulvic acid

Fulvic Acid
Fulvic acid is brown, water soluble powder.
It is produced from plant-source raw materials by fermentation through micro-organisms and via a special extraction process.
In addition to aromatic hydroxy carboxylic acids, it contains a certain number of water soluble carbohydrates, amino acid, protein etc.
This makes Fulvic acid suitable as a synergistic agent for foliar fertilizers, flush fertilizers and liquid fertilizers of high concentration. Fulvic acid has physiological activities to stimulate the growth of most crops.

It is a broad-spectrum plant growth regulator. It provides proper control of crop leaf stomatal openness.
Reduces transpiration during drought periods and thus improves plant resilience, increases production and improves crop quality.
Enhances the utilization quotient of chemical fertilizers and pesticides.
Stimulates crop growth, enhances root activity and prevents premature aging.
Fulvic acid prevents diseases and increases resistance to biological intimidation.
Reduces the pH of alkaline soils which enables more nutrients to be utilized by the growing crops.
Soil application: dilution ratio at 1:500-1000, evenly sprayed to the soil, 45-75kg/ha.
Foliar Spray: dissolve 800g in 800L of water to cover approximately 1000m2. Use it individually and not in combination with other foliar fertilizers or pesticides etc.

Add the pre-dissolved Fulvic Acid to irrigation water at a ratio of 8-10kg/ha, or at the concentration of 0.1-0.15%.
After providing detailed information on soil type and chemistry, crop type, fertilization and irrigation methods, climate etc. ask SEEK for detailed recommendations.

Woven PP bag (25kg) with thin PE liner. Or OEM. Stored in a dry and cool place.



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