Time 6.16.2012 Name of Farm Great West Tulip Garden 
农场名称 大西百合园
Place Makkari village,Hokkaido Name of Crop Tulip(Casablanca,Striker)
拍摄地点 北海道 真狩村 作物名称 百合(卡萨布兰卡)
Use of Fertilizer BBP NO.3 Application 80Kg/0.1Ha
BBP NO.12 Foliar Spray, Every 15days,3-4 times during the whole growth period
Remarks & Note Farming by BBP NO.12 which include enzyme,increases production more than 20%-30% in total and saves the cost more than 50%
Makkari village,Hokkaido
Makkari village,Hokkaido, Japan

北海道, 真狩村

tulip in greenhouse
1.Part of the stem from the cult last summer

2.Harvest Tulip Again this year

3.The second tulip grow slowly and plant height not as tall as the photo

tulip outdoor
Lily cultivation

from second cut

bamboo powder