Time 7.12.2012 Name of Farm    Watanabe Farm 
农场名称 渡边农场
Place Yuunni, Hokkaido Name of Crop Garlic(Six White )
拍摄地点 北海道 由仁町 作物名称         大蒜(白六瓣)
Use of Fertilizer BBP NO.3 Application 60Kg/0.1Ha
BBP NO.12 Foliar Spray, Every 15days,3-4 times during the whole growth period
Remarks & Note Farming by BV enzyme,increases production more than 20%-30% in total and saves the cost more than 50%
garlic 1

The size L & 2L has a high proportion in overall.

The size and shape of garlic is very neat.

Through combining NO.3 with NO.12 and spraying the leaf surface,it prevents the garlic cracking of development disorders from happening due to taking of trace elements.

Improve yields.

garlic 2