Time 7.13.2012 Name of Farm  Harada’Farm
农场名称                  原田农场
Place Makkari village, Hokkaido Name of Crop               Carrot(Sunningdale NO.2)
拍摄地点 北海道 真狩 作物名称                  胡萝卜(向阳二号)
Use of Fertilizer BBP NO.3 Application 50Kg/0.1Ha
BBP NO.12 Foliar Spray, Every 15days,3-4 times during the whole growth period
Remarks & Note Farming by BV enzyme,increases production more than 20%-30% in total and saves the cost more than 50%

using NO.3

with microbiological

preventing soil disease

Enemy of carrot rot is no longer problems

bamboo powder farming
carrots 2