Bamboo Charcoal 1-3mm

BBP No. 6 Specification

1, Total Fixed Carbon: <90%
2, Total Organic Carbon: <80%
3, Organic Matter: 30%
10, pH: 9.0
11, Water: ≤10%
12, Appearance: Black Flake 1-3mm
13, Package: 25 kg/bag

bamboo biochar


Main Ingredients: All Natural and Green

1, Bamboo Charcoal


Main Usage:

1, To soil Quality Raise


Main Features:

1, Improve soil Aggregate Structure;

2, Retain Moisture, Lock Nutrients with Bamboo Charcoal;

3, Increase Microbial Life;

4, Absorb Residues of Pesticides, and Blunt Heavy metals;

5, Adjust the pH Value

6, Increase the temperature of the soils

bamboo biochar

Dose in Soils:

1800Kg/Hectare ≈ 750Kg/Acre ≈ 120kg/Chinese Mu


Apply Methods:

Field: Scatter in soil, and cover with soils.

Horticulture: Mixed at rate of 1:10, 10 is soils.



  • 25KG Bag
  • SEEK Brand Woven Bag, Double Layers.
  • Stored in sealed packaging and a cool & dry place, BBP No.6 is stable.

bamboo biochar packing