1. Test date and site

1.1 Test date: from May 28th, 2013 to May 3rd , 2014.

1.2 Test site: Hexing Vegetable Garden, Shanghai, China.

2. Materials and Methods

2.1 Fertilizer for test

SEEK Bamboo Biochar Organic Fertilizer (BBP No.1)

SEEK Bamboo Vinegar Liquid (BBP No. 11)

2.2 Crop for test: Asparagus.

2.3 Methods

2.3.1 Test design

The test was divided into 2 different treatments, each conducted in triplicate on randomized blocks with an area of 333.3 m2 for each block

Treatment 1: BBP No.1 1800 kg/ha (base fertilizer) + BBP No.11 15 L/ha (root irrigation), applied on July 11th, 2013.

Treatment 2: Animal manure organic fertilizer 22500kg/ha + NPK synthetic (15-15-15) (300kg/ha), used as basic fertilizer, applied on July 2th, 2013.

2.3.2 Test items

Plant height, stem size, stem number per root, plant size, yield.

3. Results and analysis

3.1 Effects of different treatments on the asparagus planting

Table 1. Effects of different treatments on asparagus planting

Treatment Plant height(cm) Plant width(cm*cm) Stem size(mm) Stem number per root Yield (ton/ha)
Treatment 1 136.2 66*86 5.9 15.2 30
Treatment 2 108.0 64*76 4.9 12.6 24

According to the data in table 1, we conclude the following:

  • Treatment with SEEK fertilizers had a higher performance in plant height, plant width, stem size and stem number per root.
  • Treatment with SEEK fertilizers was 6 tons/ha higher in yield compared with normal manure fertilizer and NPK fertilizer.

Figure 1.  Effects of different treatments on asparagus planting

seek in asparagus

4. Conclude

Application of SEEK Bamboo Biochar Organic Fertilizer (BBP No.1) and Bamboo Vinegar Liquid (BBP No.11) can significantly increase the quality, yield and profitability of asparagus.